Sustainability & CSR

For us at Aero Materiel, it´s important to work and make a small impact as possible on the climate. We have chosen to focus on environmental work and get involved locally and globally. During the autumn of 2019, installed we solar panels to produce 100% renewable electricity. With self-produced electricity have we become self-sufficient and at the same time secure for the future. We at Aero Materiel work proactively to minimize our climate impact globally by making active choices based on concrete goals and processes in the daily work that contribute to our vision of a better environment. Read more about our CSR and environmental work in our “Sustainability Report” below.



Our envirometal work

Aero Materiel has chosen to continuously pursue the environmental issue and work with environmental management. We have made climate-smart improvements in recent years that are both energy-saving and have a good impact on the environment. Our environmental work makes it possible for us as a business to influence the climate and maintain a sustainable work mindset in the daily work towards customers as well as suppliers.

Quality certifications ISO

As a supplier to the Swedish and Finnish markets, it is important for us to meet the standards that exist in environmental legislation. We are certified according to 14001 and 9001 but want to contribute more as far as possible.

Enviroment and quality

With the certifications, we maintain a good level and can regularly develop this for a greener planet. For us, it is important to be a role model for our customers, suppliers, employees, owners and authorities when it comes to decisions about climate, environment and sustainability.

Environment in the daily work

In our environmental work, we work daily to take measures that have a good impact on the environment. What we attach the greatest importance to in our environmental work is to make climate-smart decisions when purchasing transport, deliveries and technology that contribute to energy-saving measures.

Here you can download our ISO Certificate

Enviromental work

1. Solar panels We have installed solar panels in our office, warehouses and workshop to be able to produce self-produced electricity. 2. Transport We plan trips to customers in the same cities to minimize the number of transports and trips. 3. Charching pole stations We have installed charging pole stations in the car park beside the office to offer staff and customers the opportunity for a green alternative to fuel. 4. Logistic Planned deliveries in the logistics department mean that group deliveries are made and contribute to less impact. 5. Climate goal The business’s goal is to reduce paper consumption and has digitized a large part of the work steps. 6. Certifications With the ISO 14001 certification, we stay at the forefront of constantly developing in sustainability.

Our commitment to social responsibility

Every year we participate and contribute a gift to charities. For us, social responsibility means caring. All employees at Aero Materiel jointly choose a charity to donate a gift. This is AeroMateriels way to reach out to people around us and show compassion. In recent years, Aero Materiel has been involved in and supported the charities: Children of the World, Star of Hope and the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Sustainability from an economic aspect

One of Aero Materiel’s core values is the key word responsibility. Responsibility permeates our commitment and approach to CSR and sustainability issues. We at Aero Materiel know that our actions are guided by our values and permeate our daily work. For us, financial responsibility means that we follow ethical and legal guidelines in collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners. When we conduct business, it is important to take responsibility in the selection of subcontractors, but also to conduct financially responsible business in the long term for customers who are sustainable for Aero Materiel as a business.

Social responsibility in the workplace

We work to create a safe and pleasant workplace that gives our employees a good working environment. Social responsibility includes, among other things, making employees feel good, at the same time colleagues must feel fully supported by issues concerning the psychosocial or work for a better environment.