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Experience a product that offers multiple features with function, design and flexibility. Our hinges maintain a smooth movement along with a controlled compliance when opening and closing heavy duty industrial doors.


Counter Balance hinges With advanced functions for your door

This advanced technology means that Counter Balance (CB) offers several functions were power, positioning technology and flexibility are combined. The product is designed for commercial kitchens, medicine, interior design and industrial equipment.

Open a heavy door with a simple touch

The Counter Balance hinge creates a smart counterweight technology that provides low friction and makes the door stay in the desired position with easy operation. In addition, the Counter Balance can withstand high forces to lift heavy industrial shutters in a compliant manner without it moving away. All these features make Counter Balance a reliable hinge with high security and ease of use regardless of the angle and position on the door or lid.

Design options for shutters

With its compact design, Counter Balance can be a suitable alternative for applications where space is tight and you want to achieve properties that correspond to the power of a gas spring and the compliance of a hinge when opening.

Balances out the weight in a heavy hatch

Counter Balance neutralizes the downward force of gravity and provides precise control when opening and closing heavy panels to stay in desired positioning in both hot and cold temperatures.


Controlled movement that provides a smooth transition when opening the door or table top.

Facilitate installation when you only install one product in the door.

Controls movement when opening and closing.

Handles high loads.

Enhances the user experience.

Enables easy lifting and position control.

Improves safety and ergonomic operation.

Compact design enables installation in heavier panels with high loads.

Long service life reduces warranty and installation costs.

High vibration resistance for harsh applications

Corrosion-resistant construction withstands most environments and temperature variations.

Maintains constant performance without maintenance or readjustment