Products For Indoor Environment

Climate products are strongly linked to the indoor environment which affects how we feel, whether the air is too hot, dry, humid or full of pollutants and allergens.With our quick locks, fasteners and gas springs, it is easy to both close and open service and protection hatch in your indoor environment application. Greenhouse gas emissions from the residential and commercial buildings declined sharply by 90 percent since 1990, largely due to effective climate products and fan system. Our components and locks it´s easy to manage maintenance and service for the long-term ventilation and fan systems. With Quartz shipyard lock you can easily open the door in the fan system to carry out annual service. We have solutions for fire protection, ventilation, heat pumps and air conditioning.


Climate change is considered to be one of the most critical environmental impacts and our choice of energy sources has a significant impact on the climate. During the 20th century, the average temperature of the earth has increased by 0.9 degrees. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are higher than they have been for at least 800,000 years. IoT (Internet Of Things) is becoming more and more common to control and get an efficient and better indoor environment and more and more products are “connected” such as Heat pumps, air-conditioning, ventilation systems and monitoring systems for fire and personal safety.