Automotive industry, electric vehicles & special vehicles

Within the automotive industry, special vehicles, body builders and rescue vehicles, we have suitable products that are appreciated by our customers, including
monitor arms with their clever design to adjust the computer screen at an angle in your vehicle. The electric C2 lock that keeps equipment protected, for example (medicines, fire equipment and work tools). The lock provides visual information if the door has been opened.

This brochure is for you who are body builders or work with the construction of rescue vehicles, disabled vehicles, electric vehicles, leisure vehicles or trucks.

In vehicles where space is tight, flexible construction is required

In environments where ergonomics, functionality and ease of use are crucial, our dynamic mounts for screens and flexible hinges are available. With a wide range of products in several dimensions, there are options that suit your application to create a safe workplace, both inside the vehicle and outside.

Our products fit in specially adapted vehicles that have internal cabinet construction. For example; transport vehicles, service vehicles and rescue vehicles with flatbeds, cranes and other bodybuilding structures in the automotive industry.

Electrified Recreational Vehicles

The automotive industry includes recreational vehicles such as boats, caravans and motorhomes – a 'portable home'.

Electric vehicles are cars, motorcycles and mopeds that are powered by one or more electric motors with one or more batteries that can be charged with electricity.

With our products, we can facilitate your project with the right construction so that your product can provide a unique customer experience.

Download brochure about rescue vehicles here!

In our brochure, you as a body builder or designer can get more information about which locks, gas springs and hinges we can offer for your application to the automotive industry.

Angle or adjust the height according to your working position

In special vehicles, superstructures and rescue vehicles, mounted screen mounts are used for applications in the driver's environment where screens and computers are used for reporting and documentation of completed tasks. Screen mounts and screen adjustment are usually found in designs that require ergonomics and secure positioning.

Our range of screen mounts and stands for monitors are usually found in medical equipment and laboratory equipment where each user wants their specific setup. With positioning technology, it is possible to adjust the height and angle of the screen mount for the correct placement of computer screens. The dynamic mounts are designed for active use and multi-directional movement in demanding environments so the screen can be adjusted with one hand.

You will find our wall mount and monitor arms in applications such as:

MR scanning machines
Respirators and ventilators for endoscopy
Ambulances where the computer screen must be easily angled out for working position.
Screens on carts with wheels or for benches with computers.