Off highway Vehicles

Construction machines, off-road vehicles, excavators, agricultural & work machines, forestry machines or mining machines. We offer locks and components with a solution to remove vibration on hoods or hinges and locks for doors and hatches that open and close.

Off highway

Off Highway are vehicles and machines that are on the side of our roads and are adapted for use in terrain and other demanding environments, e.g. large construction, forestry and agricultural machines to smaller vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle).

Our delivery within Off highway

We supply gas springs for doors, hinges for hatches or locks that can handle outdoor environments. With increased automation, many of our customers choose electric locks as an alternative for securely locking their vehicle.


Controlled movement with the right products

In tough environments where the road surface is uneven, higher demands are placed on components in the vehicle to have a controlled movement. With customized special functions in our position hinges, friction hinges, monitor arms, you can easily change position. Our gas springs offer appropriate height adjustment and damping with smooth and quiet operation.

We have a wide product range of mechanical and electrical locks, as well as position hinges and friction hinges to suit you who design or build wheel loaders, work vehicles, mining machines, all-terrain vehicles or agricultural machines.

Trends in Off Highway

Focus on the long term with regard to the environmental impact and that the driver's environment becomes more automated. Expanded development and use of electric hybrid systems, sensors and digitization.

Vehicle security with electric lock

With our electric locks, the vehicle driver can feel safe when they park the wheel loader in the forest unattended. The electric lock is connected via bluetooth to the driver and in this way the vehicle owner can know if the work vehicle has been broken into.

Advantages of mechanical lock

The mechanical R4 lock has rubber on the inside of the lock, which means that noise is reduced by vibrations that arise when the metal materials meet during the journey in the terrain.

―Intuitive door closing.
―Can handle 260 kg door.
―Clicking sound when the door is closed.
―Electric motor can be connected in the lock.

Increased demands on the supplier

The increasing demands on suppliers in the industry to manufacture machines and products that are gentle on the environment and at the same time have functions adapted to drivers and and at the same time  can handle tough conditions is a major challenge for the industry.

Robust components for outdoor environments

Lock for Off Higway

The locking system is suitable for external locking of shutter doors and side panels. Choose between one or more locking points on your off-road vehicle, work machine, tow truck or small truck. With a splitter, you can open two locks with one handle or alternatively open a lock both from the inside and outside.


Intuitive lock for special vehicles

R4 provides the opportunity for the right experience when opening or closing a hatch or door. The R4 lock's intuitiveness means closing the door with a light pressure on the door or door.

Screen mounts

Our screen mounts are used to support GPS screens and navigation devices. The positioning technology in our screen mounts means that the screen maintains its position even when driving vehicles on uneven ground.


Fender bracket for terrain

The screen mounts are perfect in mobile applications where you want to easily adjust the position of your screen without needing extra locking to maintain the desired position, with the right mount the screen is stable despite the forces that affect acceleration and sharp braking.


Screen mount in tight spaces

The screen mount is available with several functions that make it possible to fit large screens in tight spaces. A monitor mount or a monitor arm is suitable in rescue vehicles where you need to quickly and easily access the computer screen but have a small work surface. Angle, height adjust or rotate your monitor arm to the correct working position.

Download brochure about work vehicles here!

In our brochure, builders, constructors or designers can find out more information about which locks, gas springs and hinges we can offer for your application.

ATVs, wheel loaders, work vehicles, mining machines, all-terrain vehicles and agricultural machines

Together with our partner Southco, we have solid experience in various applications within forest machines and work vehicles. An advantage when you choose our solutions that have designs for both interior and exterior design. Our Locks that meet the requirements that the Off Highway industry demands robust, durable and vibration dampening components.

We have a wide product range of mechanical and electrical locks, as well as position hinges and friction hinges to suit you who design or build wheel loaders, work vehicles, mining machines, all-terrain vehicles or agricultural machines.