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Southco’s AH-Bifold Constant Torque Hinge series incorporates friction technology that allows a table or panel to be held in position at any angle and prevents it from falling open. AH Bifold Constant Torque Hinges feature a flush mount design that occupies minimal application space, allowing table to be folded and stowed flat.

AH Bifold Constant Torque Hinges deliver high quality, repeatable performance, making them an ideal upgrade from traditional free-swinging hinges and dampening devices.

  • Integrated friction technology improves control of fold-out tables
  • Holds table flap open in any position along 180 degrees
  • Flush mount design prevents trapped fingers and pinch points
  • Reliable, maintenance-free performance
  • Customizable torque to fit the needs of most applications
  • Small design footprint complements industrial design
  • Robust design offers high strength performance
  • Long cycle life ensures reliability and reduced maintenance costs
AH - Erikoissaranat Aero Materiel OY
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