Ostoskori on tyhjä.

We give you the right feeling with our products when you open and close a door

Technical components for the train industry and public transport.

Person- & godstransport

We offer quality-assured products with the right feel for your brand

Opening, closing and locking a door is often the first contact with a product from us. A movement or touch that is expected to fulfill all that both product and brand promise.It is about the right feeling in the movement, the right resistance, the right sound, the right design and finish, the right material, longevity and ergonomics. All of this just confirms that first sense of quality – from start to finish. Together with our partners, we have a solid experience in different applications in the train industry, which is a big advantage when choosing our solutions that are compatible with different requirements such as the train industry is demanding both exterior and interior.


We offer everything from robust compression locks, friction hinges and telescopic rails.


Controlled motion controlled movement in the form of position / friction hinges, monitor arms, gas springs with special functions, height adjustment and damping.


Telescopic rails with soft and quiet operation.


Standard Lock that meets the EN 45545 standard.